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Do You Know Much Money You Could Make Just By Doing What Comes Easy To You?

How many times have you been told, "Girl, you don't know your worth!" or "You have so much potential, it's too bad you can't see it!" or "If you knew your worth, you wouldn't be having this issue with your business!"?

I used to hear it a lot when people asked me about the work I did or processes I would help them with! After doing a great job to fix their business process or get them the exposure they needed, they'd say, "OMG! How are you not making loads of money doing this as a business?!?" and I'd answer, 'I don't know, it's just me being me. Doing what I do."

Others would say, 'You're better than me, I'd charge an arm and a leg for all of this work! You're way too nice!"

It's not enough just to say "Know Your Worth!!" and then walk away. For years, I waited for the "Worth" angels to come to me in a dream and guide me around explaining my worth like I was Ebenezer Scrooge. But it never happened. I asked for mentors, but would get turned down because they felt it was not their place or too much work to show me what "Worth" looked like.

They wanted me to learn the hard way. Alright, then. Bet!

I set out to figure this out for myself once and for all!

First I went through the 4 Emotions of Untapped Potential Awareness:

Confusion: "What does it even mean?!?" "What am I doing wrong?" "What do they see that I can't see?"

Denial: "How are you gonna tell me ? I'm grown, I've got this!" "You're just being a 'hater'!"

Overthinking: "Maybe I'm missing something, I'll sign up for this $37 course just to see if I should be doing something different." "I'll switch up my look and take some new pictures..."

Overworking: "I'm gonna sit here and work all day and all night until I figure this out!"

Then I got a clue. See, until now, I would only pull out my 'A' game when company comes over. You know, for people that I consider important enough to enjoy the 'Antoinette Experience'. It was almost like a show or song & dance that a select few could enjoy. And when they did it was magic! But the reality is, I didn't claim any credit for the lives or processes I'd improved, this 'show' expended a lot of energy and stress and it wasn't making me any kind of decent money.

"I was just a flawed person who was good at doing great things. Never too good for anything, just wanted to have fun doing things that came easy to me. And that's where keeping it real went wrong."

I realized that I had to make a decision to end the conversation about whether or not Antoinette truly knew her worth for once and for all. So I created this 4-day Masterclass, Fulfilled Potential!

Understand The True Cause of Untapped Potential

Determine The Exact Nature of Your Gifted Talent

Get Clear About What You Want In Life and Business

Pass The "Worth" Test: Have An Official "PR Answer" for Frequently Asked Questions About Your Business

Set Your Boundaries and Change Your Accessibility

Get Others To Stand In Agreement That You Are A True Authority In Your Own Business and Industry

Speak Your Offer In Real-Time and Get People To Say 'I Want To Work With You!' or Realize They're Not Ready

Each of us already has everything we need to show up powerfully and self-expressed in the world. We do it for ourselves and our friends, but now we need to break the bubble, expand our audience reach, reveal our gifted talents and collect our chips in abundance!!


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